There’s no doubt that you’re going to throw the ultimate party for your high school or college graduate. Get creative with these simple DIY decorations, easy-to-make treats, and personalized party accents.
Rose Gold Graduation Backdrop

Confetti Balloons

Graduation Photo Wreath

Graduation Favor Bags

The “Keys to Success”

Personalized Graduation Cake Topper

DIY Tassel Garland

Graduation Cap Cupcakes


Bewitch your guests with these wickedly clever ideas.

Not-So-Warm Welcome Wreath

Give your guests a thrill when you greet them with this spooky DIY door decor. Start with a grapevine wreath and spray-paint it black. Use black wire to secure cardboard crows and hang with gingham ribbon.
Witch’s Broom Chandelier

This “flying” light fixture is better than magic! Start with a plain broom, then fill mason jars with black sand and black battery-operated tea light candles. Attach the jars to the broom with black twine. Balance it all out with a faux black cat.
Matte Black Party Decor

Matte black party decor—bowls, plates, frames, candles, silverware, and the like—make for eerie, but elegant additions to your Halloween fête.
Something-to-Hide Devil’s Food Cupcakes

These cupcakes are keeping a secret! Fill ’em with your favorite Halloween treats and guests will be delighted when they take a bite and discover even more to enjoy inside.
Spooky Halloween Balloon Garland

Keep it simple and assemble your garland with black and orange balloons, or go the extra step by adding googly eyes and faux cobwebs to your arrangement.
“Help Me!” Cake and Raven Feather Cupcakes

The eye-catching “Help Me!” cake is simply a store-bought white cake with a few dark twists. (Talk about hands-off!) Start with a store-bought frosted layer cake. Cut out a pair of arms and hands in black craft paper and tape to skewers to help them stand upright. Pile on a mound of “dirt”—crumbled chocolate cookies—to give it that “buried alive” vibe. Top vanilla-frosted cupcakes with edible fondant raven feathers. For an extra hair-raising element, add plastic critters around the cake.
Pumpkin Greeting

Spell out your greeting in mini pumpkins gathered at a prominent—and stationary—location. First, pencil letters on hollowed pumpkins (carve out the opening from the bottom). Then, using a drill with a half-inch bit, bore holes to form each letter. Here, strings of Christmas-tree lights, gathered in small bunches, illuminate each pumpkin (unscrew bulbs where the string descends to the next row).


Set the mood and let your party goers know how big of a splash they’re in for with bright colors and festive accents. From beach balls to inflatables, here’s how to make your party look picture perfect.
Jellyfish Lanterns

All you need are some colorful paper lanterns and some crepe party streamers and ribbon to match.
Beach Ball Garland

You can buy mini beach balls or make them on your own for this simple, but stellar garland. All you need is a little paint, styrofoam balls and string!
Balloons in a Pool

Make your pool extra colorful and fun by throwing balloons into the mix! It’s a super fun and affordable idea that’ll get attendees rushing for more water play.
Snack Table

Prepare a snack bar full of healthy choices to keep your attendees energy up for the day.

From flamingoes to donuts, pool inflatables come in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes. They can add a splash of color to the main attraction.


Pool parties can be loads of fun, and setting the tone with the right overall theme is the first step in making yours a success.
A Day At the Beach
-Even though the party is taking place at a swimming pool, you can recreate the feeling of a beach party with the right decorations. Include a sandbox for a kids party, along with plenty of pails and shovels to play with. Beach balls can be decorative and also fun to play with in the pool.
-Large, colorful beach towels can be draped over chairs or fences, and large umbrellas provide both decoration and shade for sun-soaked guests. Motifs like seashells can be used on everything from paper plates and napkins to strings of lights around the pool or fencing.
-Food can be kept simple, much like what you would eat at the beach. You can serve pizza, chips, soda and ice cream.
-Keep your guests entertained with plenty of music and a game of volleyball. If you have a sandbox, let the kids build a sandcastle.

Under the Sea
-Make your guests feel like they’re deep below the ocean with an under the sea theme. Hang paper streamers in shades of blue and green vertically along fences, creating a sense of both flowing water and seaweed. Paper fish can be attached randomly on the streamers. Place inflatable or plastic fish, seahorses, dolphins, and other sea creatures on tables, around the pool, and even floating in the pool. A menu to compliment this theme can be filled with a cake done in the shape of a fish, fish and chips, Goldfish crackers and a blue punch.
-Some fun activities to include with this theme include:
●Pin the Tail on the Whale: Use a large whale that you either draw or print out and cut off the tail. Make several copies of the tail to use with this game. Blindfold the guests one by one, spin each around, and have them try to pin the tail on the whale.
●Beanbag Toss: Place small prizes in beach pails and give guests the chance the throw beanbags into the pails for a chance to win the prize.

Just Ducky
-Rubber duck in pool SOURCE
Use rubber ducks as decorations as well as favors for this fun pool party theme. You can hold a rubber duck race in the pool as the main event of the party. Decorate with rubber ducks and a bunch of balloons and streamers done in bright yellow. Rubber ducks come in all shapes and sizes so include a fun mix to delight your guests.
-You can serve yellow food such as cheese, crackers, lemon pie and drinks such as lemonade. For a fun twist, purchase duck shaped cookie cutters and make duck cookies or sandwiches cut in the shape of ducks.

Barbeque Picnic
-A poolside picnic is the perfect way to celebrate summer. It is simple to do and can be done with decorations such as red and white plaid table cloths, blankets on the ground and plenty of red and white beach towels. You will also need a grill.
You can serve your guests grilled meats such as hamburgers and hot dogs and set up a buffet near the pool with plenty of picnic favorites such as:
▪Baked beans
▪Potato salad
▪Corn on the cob
Play games such as volleyball in the pool or relax poolside while sipping on a refreshing lemonade.


How many times have you glanced at that blank wall in your living room and thought, something is missing? With empty wall space, you can get creative, and wood wall decor is the perfect way to let your imagination wander! Here are a few ideas I have for you.

Calligraphy Quote

Have a favorite quote you repeat on the daily? This wood wall decor can be hung in the entryway of the home, or in the dining room for guests to admire.
Round Photo Collage

This round photo collage wood wall art creates a story that you and your family can share of the year’s adventures.
Handcrafted Jewelry Holder

Use basic items from the hardware store for a vintage style jewelry holder. Choose your color and be sure to paint a light coat in order to see the wood detailing underneath.
Wood Letter Art

Using stencils, create a sincere message that will last a lifetime.
Photo Clipboards

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There’s a lot of really cool and really affordable flooring ideas out there on the interwebs! Here are some of these options that may be perfect for your home!

●Vinyl Floor Stickers

●Paper Bag Faux Hardwood Floor
-It’s just brown paper bags stained and with a faux wood effect rolled on.

●Painted Linoleum
-This is a quick way to spruce up a floor on the cheap. It probably works best on a floor that’s not super high trafficked.

●Plywood Faux Plank Flooring
-It’s a lot cheaper than traditional hardwood flooring and it holds up very well. This is a feasible option for dry areas but should probably be avoided in kitchens and bathrooms.

●Painted Wood Floors
-Painting your wood floors is a very inexpensive way to give a completely new look to your hardwood floors. Whether you go for a farmhouse white or a pop of color, it’s an affordable project that you can do one room at a time.

●Stenciled Wood Floors
-If a solid painted wood floor is a little boring for you, consider adding a stencil. You can stencil directly over the hardwood or paint it first like the picture below. Don’t forget to seal it once you’re done so that the paint lasts!

●Wallpaper Floor
-Now this is a crazy idea that is actually pretty awesome. I’ve no idea how well it holds up but it sure is unique!

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Living rooms require three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient light provides a room with overall illumination, task lighting directs light to certain work zones, and accent lights highlight specific objects. Within those basic requirements are a world of options. Whether you want something fun like this room from Jonathan Adler, or something more subdued, there’s a virtually endless supply of living room lighting ideas for every taste and setting.
A) A Robust Assortment

A mix of different types of lighting, placed at different points in the room, is essential for creating a proper living room lighting scheme. While the first thing you tend to see in this room is the central statement fixture, there are also three table lamps, one-floor lamp, five pot lights, and an accent light in the ceiling on the window side of the room. They all combine to create a layered and robust lighting scheme, free of shadows.
B) Multiple Fixtures

In a large room, a single overhead fixture may not be enough. In most cases, pot lights are a good solution, but if recessed lighting isn’t for you there is another possibility. Consider hanging multiple fixtures throughout the room. The key to making this look work is to stick with fairly simple fixtures that have clean silhouettes, and to hang them on a grid rather than in random spots throughout the ceiling.
C) Ceiling Accent

Lighting around the perimeter of a ceiling can provide accent light as well a unique detail not common to most living rooms. Not only does the accent light in this room accentuate the architectural details of the ceiling, but it adds an aura of elegance to this sophisticated space. When it comes to living room lighting ideas, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.
D) Mix and Match

Living rooms require a lot of different light sources, but there’s no rule saying they all have to match. Notice in this room the chandelier and sconces are classic, but the table lamps are modern. Mixing old and new is a great way to give a room a real sense of character and personality, so don’t be afraid to mix styles and eras.
E) Trust Your Instincts

When it comes to living room lighting the most important thing to do is have a little fun and trust your stylistic instincts. While the lights in this room are all a little wild, they work together beautifully as part of this fun, eclectic room.

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